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Virginia Private Truck Driving Schools CDL Skills Test Training

FREE help choosing a Virginia Truck Driving School . . . Factors include Pricing, Length of Training, Quality, Certifications, Employment etc.

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THREE types of Virginia CDL Skills Training Programs


VA CDL Skills Tests Prep, VA CDL Skills Tests Prep

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determining what Class of CDL you need based upon the type of vehicle you will drive (A, B or C) or are not sure which CDL Endorsements you need based upon the type of loads you will carry; use the free CDL Selector Tool . . .
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Not sure which VA CDL Tests you need to pass? Use this tool to determine what Class of CDL and which CDL Endorsements you require.

Virginia Truck Driving School tuition can vary from as little as $1500 to about $8000 with an average price somewhere around $4000. IF YOU ALREADY POSSESS A Virginia CDL PERMIT THEY WILL OFTEN DEEPLY DISCOUNT - others require you to possess a Virginia CDL permit and medical card prior to enrollment.

Advantages of regular Virginia Truck Driving Schools -

  • Competitive - Abundant choices available
  • No long term contract
  • Fast track to getting your Virginia CDL - as little as two weeks
  • Training can be tailored to your needs

This can be a good option for candidates who already have a job offer based upon obtaining a Virginia CDL and who can afford the up front tuition costs.

List of Virginia Truck Driving Schools . . .

We do not recommend or endorse any of the following truck driving schools. This information is provided to you in the same way as a phone book lists businesses in a certain business "category". This listing may not be up to date or accurate. You must make your own determination as to whether any of the following businesses will meet your needs after contacting them and doing your own research as to reputation etc.

A-1 CDL Driving School

Address: 11301 Coles Drive, Manassas, VA 20112
Phone: (510) 783-6030

Blue Ridge Community College

Address: One College Lane, Weyers Cave, VA 24486
Phone: (540) 234-9261

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Central Virginia Community College

Address: 3506 Wards Road, Lynchburg, VA 24502
Phone: (434) 832-6687

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Danville Area Community College

Address: 1008 S. Main Street, Danville, VA 24541
Phone: (800) 646-1510

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Eastern Shore Community College

Address: 29300 Lankford Highway , Malfa, VA 23410
Phone: (800) 614-6500

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Lord Fairfax Community College

Address: 173 Skirmisher Lane , Middletown, VA 22645
Phone: (844) 237-4235

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – New River Community College

Address: 5251 College Drive, Dublin, VA 24084
Phone: (540) 674-3686

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Rappahannock Community College

Address: 52 Campus Drive Warsaw, Warsaw, VA 22572
Phone: (800) 646-2374

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Virginia Western Community College

Address: 3074 Colonial Avenue, Roanoke, VA 24015
Phone: (540) 857-6188

CDS Tractor Trailer Training – Woodford

Address: 6200 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodford, VA 22580
Phone: (540) 582-8200

Diesel Truck Driving School

Address: 147 Yuma Road, Weber City, VA 24290
Phone: (800) 332-7364

John Tyler Community College

Address: 13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, VA 23810
Phone: (888) 878-4235

Road Pro Commercial Truck Training – Clearbrook

Address: 4228 Martinsburg Pike, Clearbrook, VA 22656
Phone: (540) 636-9397

Road Pro Commercial Truck Training – Martinsville

Address: 900 VC Drive, Martinsville, VA 24114
Phone: (276) 632-3410

Shippers’ Choice CDL Training – Manassas

Address: 9202 Manassas Drive, Manassas Park, VA 20111
Phone: (703) 330-1967

Shippers’ Choice CDL Training – Newport News

Address: 6163 Jefferson Avenue Suite C, Newport News, VA 23605
Phone: (757) 380-0247

Shippers’ Choice CDL Training – Richmond

Address: 1151 West Hundred Road, Chester, VA 23836
Phone: (804) 751-9090

Southside Virginia Community College

Address: 1041 W 10th Stree, Blackstone, VA 23847
Phone: (434) 949-1051

Southside Virginia Education Center

Address: 1300 Greensville County Circle, Emporia, VA 23847
Phone: (434) 949-1063

Swift Driving Academy – Richmond

Address: 2841 Charles City Road, Richmond, VA 23231
Phone: (804) 588-5274

Tidewater Community College

Address: 120 Campus Drive, Portsmouth, VA 23701
Phone: (757) 822-2428

Tri-County Driving Academy

Address: 1714 US Highway 19, Lebanon, VA 24266
Phone: (276) 794-7660

Virginia Western Community College

Address: 50 Claiborne Ave, Rocky Mount, VA 27803
Phone: (540) 857-6076

Virginia Western Community College

Address: 57 South Center Drive, Daleville, VA 24083
Phone: (540) 857-8922

Wytheville Community College Galax VA 24333

Address: Crossroads Institute 1117 East Stuart Dr, Galax, VA 24333
Phone: (276) 744-4974

Are YOU ready to get YOUR Virginia CDL?
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 Virginia CDL License
In addition to the Virginia CDL (commercial driver's license) information found in our website covering the Virginia CDL and in the free Virginia CDL Handbook (which is quite boring and a bit confusing - and doesn't have a single multiple-choice question in it that is asked on the actual tests), the complete online Virginia CDL Practice Test prep program will prepare you to easily pass your Virginia CDL written exams to get your Virginia CDL permit. The skills test modules are invaluable to give you a head start before doing your behind the wheel work, possibly saving you a lot of money. The Virginia CDL test prep program includes the following features . . .
  • Covers ALL Eight Virginia CDL written tests.
    • In separate study modules - you won't need all of them - don't waste time on what you don't require.
  • Covers ALL Three Virginia CDL skills tests.
    • In separate study modules - you won't need all of them - don't waste time on what you don't require.
  • 670 practice Virginia CDL test questions with actual answers.
  • Access to CDL videos covering written and skills tests.
  • CDL study guide in both text and audio - listen as you read along.
  • CDL study Quick Reviews.
  • Interactive online CDL Quizzes.
  • and much more!
May your new CAREER be prosperous!!!

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Michael Hamilton
Free CDL Practice Test "Spent about nine hours over three days. Aced my Class A CDL written tests. I liked the narrated audio and videos." - R.F., Topeka, KS
Free CDL Practice Test "I went back and forth between the text and diagram study material, narrated audio, videos, interactive quizzes, etc. Kept me from getting bored. I found the tests easy after studying your CDL course. 'Telling my friends." - A.M., Charlotte, NC
Free CDL Practice Test "I passed my CDL tests easily. I'm not a good reader, so the voice audio really helped me. The interactive quizzes and video practice tests were great." - S.T., Odessa, TX
Free CDL Practice Test "I needed to get my CDL permit before starting my skills training the following week. I started using it two minutes after my purchase. Got my CDL permit with time to spare. I highly recommend it." - P.M., Rochester, NY
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