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You must obtain and maintain your CDL in your state of residence. This is normally the state where your regular driver\'s license was issued. If you plan on moving soon, you may want to choose your new state of residence.

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cdl test, exam, test, quiz, free cdl test, cdl permit training cdl test, exam, test, quiz, free cdl test, cdl permit training

You must obtain and maintain your CDL in your state of residence. This is normally the state where your regular driver\'s license was issued. If you plan on moving soon, you may want to choose your new state of residence.

CDL Road Test - CDL Skills Test

The CDL Road Test is the final of three skills tests. Fees - Locations - Procedures

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You must obtain and maintain your CDL in your state of residence. This is normally the state where your regular driver's license was issued. If you plan on moving soon, you may want to choose your new state of residence.

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There are THREE parts to the CDL Skills Test

You must obtain a CLP (commercial learners permit) prior to taking your CDL skills test.

CDL On-Road Driving Test

Prep for  CDL Skills Tests

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The road test is conducted on street and requires the driver to demonstrate skill in normal traffic situations such as: turns; intersections; lane changes; stop/start; etc. The road test is described in Section 13 of the Free CDL Handbook (Commercial Driver's License Manual).

The three-part skills tests must be scheduled (often more than a week or two ahead). They are given either by a state tester or by a state approved third party tester. Depending on where you live, you will either have to provide a proper vehicle or one will be provided for you. This varies from state to state. Check your state specific CDL Information for details.

Typical CDL Road Tests

The CDL Road test may include the recommended specified maneuvers listed below (this may vary by state and locality):
  • Four left and four right turns - Include turns at traffic lights, stop signs and uncontrolled intersections. Turns should range from easy to somewhat difficult for a heavy vehicle. A mix of types of intersections should be included.
  • Straight section of urban business street - The section should be one to two miles long, contain through intersections and intersections with traffic lights, and have moderate traffic density. Try to get a section where the driver can make lane changes along the route. The section should be one that lets you see how the driver copes with traffic in a typical business area.
  • One through intersection and two intersections where a stop has to be made - If possible, these intersections should be included in the urban section.
  • One railroad crossing - Try to get an uncontrolled crossing. The crossings should have enough sight distance for you to see if the driver makes search head movements when approaching each crossing. The driver's attempt to look left and right down the track will often be the only way you can tell if the driver noticed the crossing. If you do not have a railroad crossing in your area, do the following:
    • For bus and HAZMAT applicants, create a simulated railroad crossing. This will be on a lightly traveled section of the street or road that contains a landmark that you can point out to the driver, and tell the driver to treat as a railroad crossing. The landmark can be an intersection, an entrance to the road, or even a billboard. Instruct the driver to do whatever he or she would do at a real railway crossing.
    • For all other applications, simply add one extra through intersection to the route.
  • Curve, either to the left or to the right - Try to get a curve that is tight enough to produce noticeable off-tracking on a tractor-trailer.
  • Section of expressway or two-land rural or semi-rural road - You must have an expressway section if there is an expressway in or close to your testing area. The two-lane rural section may be used when there is no expressway available. The expressway section should be a four-lane controlled access highway such as an interstate. The section should start with a conventional ramp entrance and end with a conventional ramp exit. The section should be long enough for a heavy vehicle to do two lane changes during this section. The rural highway section should be at least two miles. Try to find a road that has at least a section with four lanes where lane changes can be made. In general, when you choose a section of rural road, look for something that gives driving challenges as close as possible to those found on an expressway.
  • Downgrade steep that is long enough to require gearing down and braking. A steep short hill is the next best choice if a longer grade cannot be found. Try to find a grade where it should be obvious to a driver approaching the grade that the grade will require proper downgrade driving precautions.
  • Simulated downgrade - Flat section of road where you can ask a driver to go through the motions of driving down a steep grade. The section should be about a quarter mile long, have little or no traffic, or have several lanes so a slow vehicle will not interfere with traffic. If the real downgrade on your route is likely to give a poorly prepared driver a problem, it is a good idea to locate the simulated grade so that it comes before the real grade.
  • Upgrade steep long enough to require gear changing to maintain speed. A steep, short hill is the next best choice if a long grade cannot be found. You may use the same grade for both the downgrade and the upgrade if it is hard to find steep grades in your area.
  • Downgrade for stopping where a vehicle can be safely stopped and parked for short period - The grade needs to be only steep enough to cause a vehicle to roll if the driver does not park properly. Remember that you only need a gentle slope to cause a heavy vehicle to roll.
  • Upgrade for stopping where a vehicle can be safely stopped and parked for a short period - Use the same grade as you need to.
  • One underpass, or low clearance, or a bridge - An underpass should have a posted clearance height and a bridge should have a posted weight limit. If you cannot find underpasses or bridges with posted limits, use ones that do not have posted limits. If you cannot find any low clearance or bridges, look for places that have signs a heavy vehicle driver should see (e.g., No Commercial Vehicles after 11 p.m. or Bridge with 10 Ton Weight Limit in 5 Miles).

Tips on passing the CDL Road Driving Test

  • Remember that this is not a speed race.
  • Use your mirrors! Don't cut off taffic.
  • Take the outer left hand turn lane if there are two provided.
  • Don't forget to use your turn signals.
  • Never hit a curb.
  • Maintain your composure and at least be able to act as if you're calm and confident.

CDL On-Road Driving Test

How You Will Be Tested . . .

You will drive over a test route that has a variety of traffic situations. At all times during the test, you must drive in a safe and responsible manner; and you must:
  • Wear your safety belt.
  • Obey all traffic signs, signals, and laws.
  • Complete the test without an accident or moving violation.

During the driving test, the examiner will be scoring you on specific driving maneuvers as well as on your general driving behavior. You will follow the directions of the examiner. Directions will be given to you so you will have plenty of time to do what the examiner has asked. You will not be asked to drive in an unsafe manner.

If your test route does not have certain traffic situations, you may be asked to simulate a traffic situation. You will do this by telling the examiner what you are or would be doing if you were in that traffic situation.

The following list of actions and/or behaviors will constitute an automatic failure of the "On-road Driving" portion of the test.

  • Accident: an accident, however slight, which the applicant could have prevented.
  • Seat belt: failure to use seatbelt.
  • Striking or jumping curb: driving one or more wheels over the curb or onto the sidewalk; making contact with the curb, sidewalk or marker.
  • Failure to verbalize and demonstrate all three parts of the air brake check correctly
  • Headlights: failure to use headlights when required.
  • Stop sign offenses: failure to stop for stop sign; failure to stop before proceeding into intersection; failure to make second stop if necessary.
  • Red light offenses: failure to stop for a red light; failure to decelerate when approaching a yellow light; entering into the intersection as light turns red.
  • Failure to stop at railroad crossing: crossing railroad tracks before stopping when required to stop.
  • Failure to yield right of way: failure to yield to pedestrian; failure to yield to on-coming driver when making left turn; failure to yield promptly to emergency vehicles; failure to yield to traffic having right of way.
  • Driving in opposite lane continuously: crossing double yellow line and remaining in opposite lane for extended period of time.
  • Improper passing: insufficient clearance for pass; passing within or two close to intersection; returning to lane too quickly after passing; forcing overtaken vehicle to slow down; passing on right where illegal; passing in no-passing zone.
  • Speeding: exceeding the posted speed limit by 5 mph or more for an extended period of time without the driver reducing speed to within the posted limit.
  • Improper stopping: failure to stop before clearly marked stop line or crosswalk; stopping unnecessarily on roadway.
  • Failure to obey traffic laws.
  • Encroachment: Encroachment of clearly marked stop line.
  • Lack of Cooperation: refusal to obey instructions of examiner, refusal to attempt maneuver when instructed by examiner.
  • Offering bribes or gratuity to examiner.
  • Vehicle control: vehicle out of gear more than length of vehicle; vehicle stops in traffic to regain gear; stalls engine on road.
  • Speed control according to conditions: driving too fast for conditions; sliding or skidding due to speed; failure to decelerate when appropriate.
  • Signal usage: failure to signal before starting, stopping, turning or changing lanes.
  • Shifting while crossing railroad tracks.

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